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Commercial Kitchen Repair Plantation

For any commercial appliance repair and installation in Plantation. Call Commercial Appliance Repair. Our expert technicians have years of experience working with all kinds of commercial appliances from dishwashers and ovens to walk–in freezers and fryers.
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Plantation Commercial Kitchen Appliance Repair

When you own a restaurant or cafeteria your kitchen is almost always in use. Keeping in mind all the abuse that your equipment takes on a daily basis, it will probably need repairs at some point. At Commercial Appliance Repair we provide fast and comprehensive commercial appliance repairs in Plantation. Some of the most common repairs that we get called for have to do with cooking appliances and refrigeration appliances.
Commercial Refrigeration Repair Plantation
Your refrigeration equipment runs constantly in order to keep your inventory cold which is why it is often the component that gives out more commonly. One of the most common commercial refrigeration repairs is leaking water and strange sounds. Leaking water is typically caused by a clogged condensate line or pan. Ice build–up in freezers is normally caused by a bad defrost cycle or because the seal on the door isn’t tight enough. We provide authorized service for many of the industry’s leading names.
Other Commercial Appliance Repair
Commercial oven repairs are another common service we can provide. At Commercial Appliance Repair we provide comprehensive commercial appliance repair for all different kinds of ovens, grills, stoves, ranges and microwaves. No matter what kind of cooking equipment you have our expert technicians can repair it.
Benefits of Professional Commercial Appliance Repair 
When you own a business and one of your appliances breaks down you want it to get fixed fast. You need your commercial appliances to work in order to keep your kitchen running. Sometimes it might seem like it would make more sense to just try to fix the problem yourself. However, it is almost always better to call for professional commercial appliance repair.
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